Arocha Photography
Citizen (Mat Kerekes) @ The Che CafeOctober 4th, 2012
Camera: Nikon N80
Film: Ilford HP5 PLUS 400 iso
Photographer: Alex Arocha

I found out that Citizen was playing with Mixtapes at the Che and I was immediately excited. I saw them with Turnover and Lightyears and knew that I really wanted to shoot them. I ask Daniel if I can borrow his camera and he was up for it so I was excited. Day of the show Jackie tells me that she read they were going to play acoustic; which to be honest was kind of a bummer. We got down to the venue and I saw Mat playing around with a guitar and I asked him about the news. He said that the Citizen’s van broke down in Arizona so he was just going to play himself. I know Mat’s solo work is great so I was excited again. I asked to take a before and after shot of the show and he said it was cool. He asked me what he should do in the photo and I (very unprofessionally) told him to do whatever he wanted. He was extremely nice the whole time. After the show I took his photo again (above) and talked for a minute. On my way out I saw him talking to some of the guys from Mixtapes and asked if I could bug him one more time for a photo. Jackie took one of us hardstyling but it didn’t come out great (I’ll upload it on my personal blog)
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